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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Goodbye, 49 Carlton

In 1980, a family of seven moved from London, Ontario to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Now only my father will be left in GR because my youngest sister, Charys, has decided to move to Denver, where her husband's family lives.

Can't say I blame her. She has a great husband, David, and two beautiful young children, Josh and Erin. They were the light in my mother's eye, and Grandma Hart took a piece of us when she passed on 14 months ago. Her death was especially hard on Charys, who we called the GR Kid because she was the last one in town.

So they are pulling up and leaving and it's a sad thing. The last time I saw my mother was at their house on 49 Carlton Street, during Christmas 04. It was our hub during her funeral and my place of refuge on road trips up north, and I will miss the porch and playing guitar with Josh, reading to Erin and hanging out with my brother in law and my sister on the porch.

I was there in May and as I pulled away for the very last time from 49 Carlton, the four of them were standing on the porch waiving goodbye, and that's a great memory to be left with.

I was feeling a little bit blue about it — also getting ready for a church meeting tonight, and I don't like church meetings — when I stumbled on this bit of 80s rock loveliness ....

If this doesn't take you back, NOTHING will!


Anonymous said...

You aren't the only one beating this drum, Rodney. A certain aunt of mine, among others (including me), is going to miss them a lot too.

Hope to see you in a couple weeks, possibly?


rodney hart said...

I'll be in Chi-Town for the mini MOW you big HOSER!

chart said...

Wow. That was beautiful. I feel really good about moving, but I definitely will miss the millions of songs that Mom sang that seem to echo sometimes, the guitar fun with you and Josh (and Erin, too). It's a great house, with lots of memories. I just keep telling myself that it's the family that made the memories. We can't bring Mom back, but we'll have some great times in Denver, too.

rodney hart said...

I always have the feeling there are Ghosts in Grand Rapids every time I go back .... Last night I did the guitar part for our song "Ghost In Misery" and it made me think about Rosewood, in particular.