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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Brother John Is Right On

John Frank preached for us at First Union this morning and gave about the most appropriate message I've ever heard.

It was about old stuff and new stuff, and how we treasure both. When it comes to music in church, you can have the best of both worlds.

You may be a traditionalist, you may love the sound of the organ and the old hymns, and you might not like the newer "contemporary" music out there, but it's all good if it's done in the proper worship setting.

John closed with a prayer of sorts by singing a song called "Where The River Is Flowing" by Gerrit Gustafson, and I played guitar for him. It's a very mellow song and John sung it beautifully. People actually clapped for us when it was done. The nerve!

After the service we got a lot of compliments, some from people I really didn't think would like it. Serves me right for being stubborn and narrowminded.

Anyway, it was the best Sunday morning I've spent in a long, long time.

Thanks, Brother John.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Damning The Dead

I hate it when sleep is the "elusive catcher." Maybe this will explain why sometimes it's hard to sleep.

Friday I went to St. Louis and covered the sentencing of a Hannibal guy who defrauded people and banks out of $1 million. I got the impression when he was on the stand that he's a used car salesman. And, wouldn't you know it, he still is.

His wife and his father and his lawyer told the judge about what a great guy he was, and how he got in over his head, and how he always helped people. What a great guy! Except for bilking banks and friends out of $1 million, of course.

He ended up getting 26 months in federal prison and he was ordered to pay it all back.

He was involved with a scheme with a Quincy banker. When authorities began figuring it out, the Quincy banker killed himself. All the details came out yesterday and I really struggled with how to handle the story. Damning the dead is wrong. But the story is the story. So I wrote about what happened (

The reaction will be interesting. I'm sure the dead banker's family and friends will be upset. I guarantee the email in-box will be full when I get to work Monday.

I knew the dead banker, too. He did my home mortgage refinancing a few years ago. Saved us about seven years of payments, too. He was a young guy with several young children who had something go terribly wrong. I think about him a lot because he worked at a bank just blocks from where I live, and I drive by it almost every day.

I pray for his wife and children.

And I wonder about this job.