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Monday, October 23, 2006

Former Funion

It was great to see former Funions drummer and guitar player Josh Kattelman (and his dad) at our Washington Theater show.

We're starting to get to the point where we can wax poetic about the band. The Funions started in the summer of 2000 at First Union Congregational Church, which is where the name came from - First and Union. In the band for the first time that June Monday was Josh on guitar, Devin Cashman on drums, Dr. Brei on bass, me on guitar and vocals and Rev. Scott Snider on vocals and tamborine. I think Scott Piner played trumpet with us a few times that first summer too.

Josh was a great drummer and a member of the legendary JWMF, sort of a punk band on speed. Randy Wells of The Speed Holes played guitar with JWMF and Mark Bokish, who was in Red Medic and just took off for the Air Force, was the bass player. I remember interviewing them in Randy's bedroom, where they practiced. Randy lived with his parents and they played a song and the noise was incredibly deafening. I walked out and Randy's mother said, "Oh hello." I asked her about the loudness and she said, "What loudness?" They were conditioned, obviously.

The Funions played at some legendary shows with JWMF, including one at Eagles Alps. I hope the video of that show was destroyed, that's all I can say about it now.

Anyway, Josh lives up in Minnesota now and he looked really good in a Pink Floyd T Shirt. Not sure if he's still playing music, and if he isn't, he should be!


David Kattelman said...

This is (dad) and I wanted to thank you for your comments. You guys sounded real good the other night!!

Josh is playing in a band, finally, in Minneapolis. He is playing the drums and likes to be involved again. It was a real long dry spell. He is also talking about going back to school.


rodney hart said...


It was great to see Josh. I'm really glad he is playing again. The next time he comes down let me know, maybe we can hang out somewhere besides a huge haunted theater .... PEACE!

Anonymous said...

Thanks man. =) I feel all tingly now! Hello Cleveland!


rodney hart said...


I'm getting tingly all over too. But that's because I just spilled my jock itch powder on my, uh, .... never mind.