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Monday, January 08, 2007

Keep The Series Going!

Congrats to both Quincy High School and Quincy Notre Dame on a great boys basketball game Saturday.

Give credit to the two coaches, Sean Taylor and Scott Douglas, who go about things the right way. To the very few misguided in both Blue Devil Nation and Raider Country, you have NO idea how fortunate we are to have these guys in town. None. So keep beating your heads against the wall and knock yourselves into oblivion.

The administration deserves credit too, from Superintendent Tom Leahy to ADs Bill Connell and Max Miller. Ten years ago, this game just doesn't happen. The QND switch from Class A to AA was the catalyst, and it would be good to get a long-term deal struck so the teams can continue the series past next year.

For those of you unaware of the basketball-crazed town Quincy is, there were an estimated 4,000 people inside Blue Devil Gym Saturday for the first meeting between QHS and QND in many years. QHS won by a point in a great game. I thought CGEM did a good job broadcasting, and it made people like me who didn't want to deal with the big crowd appreciate watching it at home.

Good Lord. I've been living in Quincy too long when I think 4,000 people is too many .....

I was afraid of media overkill, but you give the people want they want. Another Q-town blogger estimated 90 percent of the town was talking about the game. He was wrong. It was at least 99 percent.

Loved Don O'Brien's column Sunday about the game. He is right — having the girls play in the opener would have been a good idea. On the other hand, it's kind of nice for the girls to have their own spotlight game, coming up at the end of the month at The Pit, and it will be interesting to see how many people it draws.

So, Quincy .... good for us!


Anonymous said...

Don O'Brien can take his crap & opinions home to Galesburg. Maybe someone there thinks he knows what he is writing about. For the rest of us, he is whistling thru his anus.

Rocky Cola said...


how about the Devil and indian shaking hands ?
I know you love the mascot...

Also, the only negative I have on the coverage is during halftime I would of liked to hear what the announcer was saying about Mr. Bruce Douglas, but the TV guys talked over the ceremony taking place. Not good. The history was the story of that games/programs, not the actual game itself.

rodney hart said...

I'm regretting my earlier comments about the mascot. I think Craig Garkie does a great job as the Blue Devil, and I missed the handshake but that's a great thing. I saw the ceremony again last Friday and you know what? It's part of QHS tradition, and it has it's place.

There were some glitches here and there during the broadcast but overall I thought it was good.

As for the first comment, well, Blue Devil Nation rears it's ugly head. Thanks for putting your name on the comment. Takes a lot of guts, you know. I can recommend some counselors for the anger management thing, too.

Anonymous said...

I meandered over to QHS gym at 6:15 p.m. that night, hoping to eek out an SRO ticket, I was amazed to see that they had plenty of tickets! I bought a few tickets called a bunch of friends who hauled ass to the game, they were amazed too that tic's were still avail! Great game, I know the TV coverage was good, but the vibe at the game was unbelievable!

Any truth to the rumors that tic's were going for $200 apiece online?

rodney hart said...

First time I've heard of the online thing. I do know there were tickets available before the game. Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Rodney, Donnie is not a deep introspective sports writer. He is better off simply reporting the game results and skipping the comments. As a Blue Devil fan, I get ticked off by his lightweight commentary. He reminds me of another idiot QNI had about 20 years ago by the name of Stan something.

O'Brien can't see that the Galesburg program is rotting away. The loss of smokestacks in Galesburg has realy affected the quality of GHS athletics and ultimately their ability to attract quality coaches and on and on and on.

Sorry you were offended by my comment about Don talking out his ( ), I tried to clean it up. No, I didn't leave my name, I'll identify myself to you the next time I see you. I just didn't want to hear it from all of your readership.

Anonymous said...

Lets get it out in the open:

QHS fans will never forgive Don O'Brien for writing the in-depth and accurate article taking QHS boosters to task for the whole "Quincy Pride: fiasco in 2002.

Anonymous said...

Lets get it out in the open:

QHS fans will never forgive Don O'Brien for writing the in-depth and accurate article taking QHS boosters to task for the whole "Quincy Pride" fiasco in 2002.

rodney hart said...

I believe O'Brien is quite aware Galesburg has struggled in boys basketball. The comment about Galesburg athletics in general is inaccurate, because their girls basketball team has an excellent coach and is one of the top teams in the state.