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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Internet Shopping

I went to Staples yesterday to buy CD jewel case inserts. We're burning our own copies of "Just Pretending" and this is the cheapest way to do it.

But Staples did not have the 50-pack Memorex brand I bought the last time. The very polite sales associate said it was likely because they don't stock the item anymore.

So I bought the Avery 20-pack, but it doesn't work with the Memorex exPressit software I used to design the inserts. I can use the Avery inserts for other things so it's no big deal, but for a number of reasons Avery just isn't as good as the Memorex product.

We need some CDs made because we have some shows coming up and it's a pain. Not sure where else in town I can find them.

So this morning I turned to the Internet again to order the Memorex inserts. This is why retailers are deathly afraid of the Internet — it's super easy, it's cheap (except for the shiping), and while I was at it, I bought 50 slim cases. They'll be by my mailbox within a week, which isn't nearly as good as bringing them home.

At least they'll be here.


Hank said...

For my model railroad "stuff", I use the internet almost exclusively due to the lack of anything even close to a decent MR hobby shop within 100 miles (Springfield, St. Louis). bundling orders and comparison shopping plus no sales tax most of the time offset the shipping. But I'd rather have a "real" store with "real" people.

rodney hart said...

I agree. Later today I'm going to a local music store to purchase a wireless microphone (watch out, Funions fans!). I have purchased some music stuff liker a Boss tuner online because I couldn't find it around here, but most of the time I try to shop local. And ... I tried to shop local for the jewel case stuff.

Anonymous said...


Quote from Slingblade"

"We don't even have any f---en microphones"