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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Signs of Summer

A sure sign summer is upon us — softball season has started!

After a bye week and a rainout last week, the Herald-Whig Demons finally took the field and eked out a 4-2 win tonight over Uncle Bob's Bar. Feeble bats were over come by good pitching from Carl Grape Ape and stellar defense.

For a full recap, check out Don O'Brien's blog at

Speaking of O'Brien, can somebody tell me when the Bulls-Pistons series starts?

What's that? It's already started? And Detroit leads 3-0?



Anonymous said...

Rodney ,

Go Badboys Go Deadwings !!!!!!!

Also check out Swick on City Desk ! She was rocking . Doug may have a run for political reporting if she moves to print !

For a first timer she nailed it .

also check out the stalker guy around min 4 outside the window .

Anonymous said...

Rodney ,

Grace us with some insight . Wouldn't the baby's momma"s" stand the most to gain from painting a bleak picture about Bentler ?

I thought that last night . You touched on it some in the QHW . But really why would the Pros Office put LL on the stand like that ?

Anonymous said...

Bentler himself takes the stand! Unbelievable! What was the defwnse thinking!