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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just Thinking ....

— Happiness is going to ref Little Devils games and coming home to find your place scrubbed from head to toe by Shey Fey and Brown Eyed Girl. Already battling a nasty cold, it got even better getting high off of Pine Sol fumes.

— Happiness is doing three games wondering if the back will hold up and feeling really good when it's done. That's cause Westy carried me. Bet his back is sore today.

— Unhappiness is waking up the next morning. That's just being RFO, I guess.

— Much as love Blogvine, this site gives him a run for his money. We'll have more on this battle of local blogging giants as things develop.

— ESPN's "The Greatest Game Ever Played" was fascinating. The best part was when current players sat with the guys who played in that game 50 years ago and watched it together. Even in the spit-em-out world of pro sports, athletes today have much to be thankful for.

— Once in a while I think about putting something up here about Funions rules for comments. Instead, UMR took care of it for me.

— If you listen to a soaring oboe being played in a church, don't close your eyes because you might think you are in another place.

— Are you going to get anything done today? Good. Neither am I ...

— Actually that's not true because I'm taking the 6-1 senior post player to the Good News of Christmas HQ this afternoon to wrap presents. Do something for somebody else. It's the best gift you can give.


SheyFey said...

Happiness is knowing you are appreciated and getting the Christmas tree decorated!

browneyedgirl said...

You're welcome, Rotney.... It was a labor of love:)