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Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Name or New Blog?

Tonight is the debut of the new-look Cheeseburgers in Marcelline, outside of Down On The Corner, 8:30 sharp.

We are new-look because we have sesame seeds in the buns now.

Had a suggestion to change the name of this blog, but once a Funion, always a Funion, I say.

Considering doing a separate Cheeseburgers blog as well.

Nervous about the debut. I'm sure it will be fine, though I think it will take a few shows to hit our stride, we play the next three weekends which will help. I have to pay a little more attention to minor details like, oh, I don't know — PLAYING THE RIGHT FREAKING CHORDS and remembering the words. You know, minor stuff.

As for what I am doing to get ready for the big gig, well, the photo of me and Bella The Destroyer says it all ....

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Anonymous said...

Hope the gig goes great!