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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pat Is Recovering

Pat Cornwell, owner of Vegas Music and drummer for many local bands, had a brain tumor surgically removed today at Blessing Hospital in Quincy.

Pat has been very good to many musicians in this area. Now it's our turn to keep him and his family in our prayers.

Things look good after surgery, doctors are hopeful, the family relieved and still hoping for the best. Pat was awake and answering questions this afternoon after surgery. The tumor was the size of a ping pong ball!

He wasn't feeling well for about a month and was having issues with his balance. He went to the FastMed Saturday and they told him to go to the ER, but he had a Reasonable Doubt gig and nothing would keep him from playing Saturday night.

So he went Sunday and they found it pretty quickly.

Thank God for skilled surgeons like Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Morris. Thank God for the skilled nurses and staff, for taking care of Pat.

The family wants to keep it low key for now but word has spread and I'm sure many people will be checking in on Pat and his progress.

If I know the stubborn old drummer, he'll be back behind the kit in good time!

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