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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Farewell, Pat Cornwell

Pat Cornwell died at home Saturday night, surrounded by family, ready for the ride.

Shey Fey and I went to see him Saturday morning. His wife, Mary Ann, said she thought he would pass sometime during the day. His body was shutting down and he was ready for the ride, as he told his wife.

Anger is beginning to seep in now. Two months ago Pat appeared to be fine. Cancer spread like wildfire after a tumor was discovered in his brain, and watching him go down was unbelievable.

Pat played drums in The Funions and many other bands for years. He was a friend to all musicians, a big-hearted man who could never say no when it came to helping out at a charity event. The last show we played with Pat on drums was at Quanada's big benefit at Backwaters in April — the second straight year Pat donated a PA and spent a ton of hours setting it up and taking it down.

We had riotous practices in the back of Vegas Music. I will remember smoking stogies on the back porch and the feeling we got when we learned a new song, one he'd played a million times but new to us.

Shey Fey would come with us and fix Pat's computer, play with Lucky Cat and even cleaned the bathroom in the back (medal of valor in the mail).

Long may you run, Pat.


browneyedgirl said...

Beautiful post, Rman. I had some of the best times in my life at those practices. Can't begin to express how much I'll miss Pat.

michelle wardlow said...

(((local musicians)))

TMO said...

Such a sad time. As with everything, he took it in stride, and never backed down. What a strong, generous, all around good person. Not to mention he could bang him some drums and sing a song or two as well! We miss you Pat.

Allen said...

I was stunned to find out recently about Pat's passing. I enjoyed knowing him thru Vegas Music and spent hours talking to him & John Jacobs, enjoyed watching his kids grow from little folks and was so glad to see him beam from ear to ear when he found someone to share his life with. His honesty and great service as a busness man was treasured and it served him well. I never had the pleasure of hearing his musical talents but you could tell he enjoyed his time spent playing. God Bless Pat, his family and his friends. May his spirit & live lived well continue to set the bar for us left behind. allen ballard
new london, mo