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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bella destroys moles, snakes

Click on the video below to see Lucy and Bella at play today ....

At the risk of offending PETA - actually, I couldn't care less - I must report that Bella The Destroyer killed a mole and tortured snakes today.

The mole was digging up Woodland Cemetery. So Bella dug it up. Lucy helped finish it off. Shey Fey and I are thinking of making some money on this mole-killing service thing.

Last year we saw a harmless garter snake slithering around the backyard and figured it was living in the neighbor's railroad ties. Turns out the snake was a momma, because now we have three or four in the backyard, and they've made holes to actually live in our lawn.

Bella and Lucy like to play with the snakes too, as you can see in the video, but we like snakes so we try to save them from being dog toys.

Sorry PETA. Well, not really.

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