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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


There have been suggestions media do a followup with the local mall in the wake of the shooting in Omaha.

As always, gotta be careful about work-related issues. And it is a good idea in some respects.

But really, what are malls going to do? Make us all walk through metal detectors? Shake us down as we enter stores?

There are common sense things which are worth reporting. Citizens should be alert (NOT paronoid) and should always be aware of their surroundings in a public place.

I gasped at the one media report about what to do if encountering such a situation: Remain Calm.

Remain calm? Sounds like good advice, I guess. But when you are in a mall and psycho is blasting away, do you really remain calm? It's completely inappropriate, but it recalls Kevin Bacon in Animal House when Faber is stampeding during the disasterous homecoming parade - "ALL IS WELL!!!!"

There have been some tremendous stories in the wake of the church shootings. Just one of them is here:

So it's come to this ... undercover security with firearms in our churches.

I am not being critical of it. And the woman likely saved many lives with her actions.


God help us all.


TOOKIE said...

I agree with that school dist in Texas . Teach the people to fight back . Look at Va tech ......

30 people lines up and ONE guy with a 9 mm . That gun hold max 17 rounds if it has pre law change clip.

BUM rush the nutty shooter !

Look a few may get a wing shot but why sit like sheep ?

Same way with the mall shooter that was an SKS holds 7 rounds .....

Fight back

UMRBlog said...


Listen closely to her answers. She was not there as general security. She clearly says her detail was "personal protection" and she deftly avoids saying who she was protecting.

This was some prominent figure's bodyguard and she stepped up to protect the general public. Wonder if she was there to protect Ted?

But she wasn't a security guard in the general public protection sense. She was there out of mere serendipity, cuz somebody felt insecure enough to arrange a bodyguard for somebody (volunteer or not).

RH said...

Sometimes you frustrate me, ABC.

This is a better link.

UMRBlog said...

New issue, what on earth difference does it make that she was fired from Minneapolis PD? Why on earth would MPD cough that up?

WTH difference does it make that Ted Haggard got cured of being a Romosexual outta this church.

The press (present company mostly excepted) likes to throw out a bunch of unconnected information, call it a story and then tell us the public has a right to know.

At least in court we have relevance rules.

I also was not putting down her service and it really doesn't matter to me whether the guy dusted himself or whether her shots kissed him off. She stepped up and gave him something else to think about. Good for her! For purpsoses of this interlude, I don't give a rat's rear end where she used to work or why she left.

Your link is a better composition but I tend to listen closely to people's words and I know what "personal protection" means on the job.

Tookie just turned down the Michigan Job. Father Toal is next up.



RH said...

Rumor has it Michael Anderson is going to Ann Arbor.

The point I was trying to make is that the megachurches have been hiring security and are aware things like this happen.

Even in a church.

UMRBlog said...

And I was not attempting to detract from your basic premise.

If I was the Maize and Blew, I'd snap me up some Bobby Petrino!

Allthenewsthatfits said...

Just remain calm, everyone.

RH said...

Amazing how these blogs violently careen from the topic at hand, but ....

I wouldn't want Bobby Petrino. He quit on Louisville. He quit on the Falcons. If he doesn't get it done right away in Kansas R, he's spending his millions on his own time.

Tiger Eye said...

"Teach the people to fight back" great idea! And lets give them the right to have the tools at hand to do just that. I am saying allow Concealed carry of firearms. Obviously, we would like proper training and background search of a person authorized to carry, however, to date all the gun control laws have not prevented this type of thing and it is fantasy to think that it ever will. “We want to prevent crazy people from carrying guns” is what is often sited as a justification for the laws. News Flash, CRAZY PEOPLE DON”T OBEY THE LAW. Only good unarmed sheep obey the law. Besides if some guy is robbing the Shell Station at 24th and State, and has my wife and kids pinned down, I don’t care if the armed citizen coming out of the bathroom is crazy or not, I want him to employ his training he received before he got his carry permit and draw and shoot the bast#$d.