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Friday, March 14, 2008

Early Morning Walk

Sleep is an elusive catcher. Whether by vice, choice or inability to grasp her, she drifts away and she won't come back.

So this morning I walked up Jackson Street in ethereal dark fog and it was a beautiful thing.

Walking is like many things, best when in effortless rhythm. I believe it's referred to as "The Zone," which applies to much more than just sports.

Zombie? Yes, later today. No cure foreseen, though Washington Perk will help after I get to work.

Oh .... anybody who laughs so hard they cry during the Stonehenge scene from Spinal Tap is officially a member of the The Funions Hall of Fame.

1 comment:

SheyFey said...

Wiping the tears away was even fun! You Rock! Ready for the Funions hoser...