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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jack Recovers

Just talked to Jack Inghram, Funions sax player of doom. He had major neck surgery Wednesday at Blessing Hospital and had two verterbrae fused. He was released from the hospital this morning and just go home and says he feels weak, but OK.

Jack had some nerve issues with his right hand along with a lot of pain. Once everything wears off and he gets back on his feet he's confident he'll be blowing that horn with us again. His goal is to play April 6 at our Southside Boat Club jam show. If he's up to it, he may come to Turner Hall Saturday to watch Burt ably fill his considerable shoes.

Also a get well soon holler to the Bombshell Translator of Doom, Ms. Rachel Rivera. We'll solider on without her, but a Funions show without Rachel won't be the same, so get better dang it!

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