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Friday, August 15, 2008

Iron Eagle

Nothing is better than mindlessly watching the Olympics and Iron Eagle, one of the worst 80s movies ever, playing on AMC.

Catching my breath now because this is another busy weekend in the Q-town. Working the weekend shift for The Whig, Fielder tonight and Blue Healers tomorrow night at Turner Hall, the K of C BBQ, and Gus is in Macomb for a one-day tournament Saturday.

Wring me out Sunday morning ....

Good luck to Brown Eyed Girl on the big move today!

Also, more Macker staff bad dancing here.


TOOKIE said...

One Vision .............

The Queen Sound track for Iron Eagle hahahaha what a bad 80's movie .

16 years old just steal F-16's all the time

browneyedgirl said...

Thanks for the shout out.... and thanks for stopping by last night! You and Sheyfey were my first official "company". Love Ya!!!!