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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Never leaving the beach ...

It's 105 in Quincy?

Bwahahahahhahahahahaha ....

Except for sunshine, waves crashing into the beach, cool nights and my aunt Helen's awesome coffee, nothing to write home about from Lake Michigan.

So the big decision this morning has been made - a run into civilization to re-stock the cooler.

You'll find me in nowhere ... on a beach that time forgot.


Anonymous said...

It's actually closer to 117 if you count the heat index.

Have fun on the beach Hart.

Michigan is a great place to be.

Michelle Wardlow said...

Hey, try South Padre Island on for size. That was too sweet! Spent the night there on a campground in a tent. Was very comfortable. Got to see dolphin swimming in the ocean. Also got a look at some of Hurrican Dolly's damage. Not too pretty.