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Friday, October 17, 2008

Sammy, marching, yoga?

This is Sammy Fund weekend. The walk is tomorrow starting at Madison Park at 9, with the golf tournament and dinner Sunday. Easily the best charity event in Quincy. It's also Octoberfest with the big marching band parade at 2 p.m. and the competition at Flinn Stadium Saturday night. No rain please!

Somebody will be carrying my Crate amp around the next few weeks as we've added a Funions show in November (more details soon) and continue to get ready for the U2charist event.

I hate back braces, but they work. A ton of feedback from the last post .... yoga, anyone?


SheyFey said...

Yoga is for flaming you know whats... Please don't change teams!!

If you wear your back brace for the walk Saturday, you may actually make it to JB's for a cuppa joe.

Anonymous said...

mom would tell you to get a second opinion.

chart said...

Anonymous is right, mom would tell you to get a 2nd opinion -- remember how much she hated chiros?