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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Accidently paid

The Funions are playing a private party Friday night after the Mighty One, Adam Yates, lied and told his cousin we were a good band. This was thrown together late so the lineup tomorrow night is Mighty One on drums, Mark, myself and the incomparable Jack Inghram on keys and sax.

On Saturday Pat will hopefully be back from Colorado to play drums with us at the Elks, moving Adams back to keys, harmonica and vocals. The Elks show is $12 for dinner and the band, or $5 for the band only.

Should be a great rock and roll weekend!


Anonymous said...

I just watched 5 3 minute videos, and, as best I can tell, I think you drank a full beer in each (my counting may be a little off since I was trying to keep up), so, that's like about a case an hour, which, for a Canadian is totally legit, but, to your American peers you must be a superman!! Go rod man.

K in TO.

SheyFey said...

Luckily it took waaaaay longer to figure out those videos. He is only half Canadian remember??? Did you go to youtube and see the Drunken Irish video? It is too short for a promo but VERY funny.