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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Miller Time Rocked

Long work weeks mean long anticipated weekends, which are way too short ....

— Saw an awesome band called The Millers last night at John Wood Community College. First of all, the Mary Ellen Orr Auditorium is a fantastic place to see a show. Secondly, there were maybe 150 people there and that's a shame. It always amazes me how a few of the local blues guys in town bitch and moan about nobody supporting live music, yet when an event like this is put on, it doesn't get much of a crowd. Oh well .... the people who were there gave the band two standing ovations and I've never heard a harmonica player like LD Miller, he was mind-boggling good. It appeared the band of three brothers had a good time playing for us, and I hope JWCC books more shows in the auditorium.

— For your complete WrestleMania 26 breakdown, click here. We are starting to have some fun with the Herald-Whig blogs and I'll be very interested to see what kind of traffic develops.

— Anybody left in your NCAA pool? I have Butler going to the Final Four and will likely win the Hart Family Challenge of Doom if Butler wins today.

— Had an invite to play golf at 8 this morning and invoked the infamous Don Crim "55 Degree" rule. When DC was the sports editor at The Whig many years ago, he wouldn't cover a spring sports event unless the temperature was over 55 degrees. I'll play golf if it's a little cooler than that, but not when the mercury is struggling to get out of the 40s and rain is on the way. Hey - at least it's not snowing, and it's supposed to be 70 degrees by next weekend.

— Good luck to Herald-Whig copy editor Kevin Murphy, who leaves today after six years at the paper. We'll miss his Page 1 design skills and calmness under deadline pressure. Good luck, Murph!


DJ said...

Who is ahead now in the Hart family challenge of doom?

RH said...

Enjoy it now while you can ...