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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Balance At The Pig

Local band The Balance played last night at the Blind Pig.

Love the Blind Pig. It's cozy, for sure. In fact, that's the posted limit on number of people you can have in the main room. It's a good thing nobody called the fire department last night because they might have had a few more than 80.

Some of you probably caught the irony in that last sentence. It's great that the guys took over the building and are steadily building a successful business, and I wish them nothing but the best of luck. I would love it if The Funions could play a show there.

The Balance is a really good classic rock cover band. Steve Buckman is the keyboard player and is the bomb. I like the fact they didn't play at ear-splitting volume, a sign of seasoned musicians in the band. Some of the songs they played were awesome (Spooky, Feels Like The First Time, Life In The Fast Lane). Of course they stole a bunch of Funions songs but we will forgive them for that.

It was packed at 8 p.m. when they started and the crowd was their age (experienced, not old!). There were a couple of birthday and anniversary parties so everybody was in a good mood and they were starting to move by the time we left around 9:30.

Speaking of The Funions, we are celebrating TMO's promotion with a little bash this Saturday. We are also working on a couple of really cool ideas for the summer, and may be playing at a wedding reception in July.

And .... congrats to Emily CSI and Steve on their engagement, and The Funions will be in the house in June 2011 for sure!

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