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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Firing Range Fun

To celebrate The Might One's promotion, we had a party for 60 or so of our closest friends at the old firing range on South 12th Saturday night.


Last night was about the most fun you could have. Playing music should be about having a good time and connecting with your audience no matter what the setting.

You know it's been a good gig when ...

— You bust a guitar string and give it to TMO's grandmother-in-law and she says she's going to start a line of Funions jewelry.

— You can't get out of bed a few hours after you get home. Stupid bleeping back .... Shawn Irvine, here I come Monday morning.

— Officer RosenYates threatens to use handcuffs if you don't participate in bombing the country of Yager. As in, Yager Meiser. I believe it's an island in the Bahamas somewhere.

— You get a request to play "Wipeout" and try to figure it out and then forget to play it anyway.

— You look at all the stuff you have to put away after the gig and suddenly realize, "Wait! We can come back tomorrow!"

— SheyFey and Dirk Jr. are still up at 2 a.m.

— The Queen of Aldo Blvd., Gor Jus MB, sings "Knocking On Heaven's Door" with the band (see the photo up top) and the place comes unglued.

— The amazing Jack Inghram blows everybody away with his sax and TMO's arms threaten to fall off after the last set.

— The gal who just sang "Brown Eyed Girl" with the band looks at you and says "What? You are the neighbor guy? The one WITH THE DOGS?"

— CK just wants to rock and roll all night and it's HUGE!

— TMO sings "Faithfully" and there isn't a dry eye in the place. Well. Maybe that was from some of Quincy's finest and flying debris in the bar area. Just a rumor.

Good grief, what a great time.

Of course this morning I'm trying to clear the cobwebs when reality strikes hard and reminds us it's a big cruel world out there ... click here.

The Funions will be off for a while to regroup. We are thinking about doing a Pub Crawl in July, will keep you posted.

Where's that tube of Ben Gay, anyway?


TMO said...

"HOLY CRAP" is a perfect way to describe last night!!! What an awsome time. A huge thank you to you and the boys for putting on such a great show. (Throat clearing)... I didn't plan on rolling in at about 5am, but time flies when you're having fun! Time to get the venue cleaned up and go into recovery mode.

Nick said...

Doing pub crawls is always the way to go. I do pro, and the best thing to do is have a set itinerary and commit to it for the whole night.


Good luck!