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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Da Truth

Tell it like it really is, would ya? Please? Bet this job gets lots of resumes.

Yesterday was the first Saturday in forever with nothing major going on, except for the Mutt Strut in the morning (Bella did not destroy anything and Lu calmly took it all in). So, to make sure the day didn't go to waste, I watched nine college football games, four at once in the evening. Denard for Heisman, BTW.

On Friday night we went to see The Room and I pulled hammy from laughing so hard, more here. I highly recommend that you never watch this movie, or are intoxicated and with a bunch of loud and witty people when you do. If you do.

On Friday night the 6-2 sophomore came home with two of her oboe buddies for a master class and to watch a concert Saturday night. I get home at 2 a.m. to find her and her friends in a bed watching a horror movie on a lap top and cackling with horrified delight. Ah. Youth. A beautiful thing ....

On deck: An awesome Cheeseburgers show at the Flying Inn, Michigan vs. Michigan State, and our favorite event of the fall, the Sammy Fund walk and golf tournament. HUGE!

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