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Monday, October 25, 2010

Keeping The Peace. Sort of ....

So I come home from work today and I'm putting the scooter in the garage when I hear my neighbor across the alley screaming, and I mean he is bellowing at the top of his lungs, at the young guy who lives next to him.

Turns out Upset Neighbor, who will now be referred to as Clueless, is mad at Other Neighbor for running across his lawn with his truck. You know, the beautifully kept, manicured, weed-free Calftown lawn our neighborhood is famous for. NOT.

So Other Neighbor is screaming back and bitching about Clueless' three yippy dogs that don't shut up.

So I close the garage door, walk across the alley, and Clueless' mother comes out and tells her son to shut up too. After more expletives are hurled back and forth, I finally got in Clueless' face and told him to back off and go inside, because he'd made his point and wasn't doing anybody any good being, well, Clueless.

To his credit, Clueless went back inside, cursing the whole time until he shut the back door.

Other Neighbor was sheepish. "I cut it too close when I pulled in," he said. He seemed embarrassed about the whole thing. I just told him to have a little consideration and to keep in mind some people can't help being Clueless.

And that was that. No bulletproof vest needed. Just another day in The Hood.

HOLY CRAP fire trucks just flew down the street .....

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like Gran Torino, except instead of Laotian gangs it's a couple of guys who probably answer to Jim Bob and Bubba.