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Monday, December 13, 2010

Jamming with Pat

So Sunday we had the second day of the Pat Cornwell benefit at Turner Hall, and it was HUGE.

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I got up with a couple of guys and sang "Roadhouse Blues" and it was just like being back at Vegas Music in the practice room. Can you legally have that much fun?

The last time I stood on that stage was April 3, when The Funions played at the Fielder CD release party. Pat was behind us on drums. Reasonable Doubt opened Sunday's show and several of those guys were also on that Turner Hall stage for the first time since Pat passed away last month.

I swear to the Good Lord Above that Pat was with us on that stage again.

Also, I have a new favorite band in town, Deuce Coup. Here's a clip from a show they did last summer ...


Anonymous said...

What band??? Who are the girls!! I gotta ask Jack about that!

RH said...

You know they were dancing because Jack was on sax ....