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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crowds and gigs

I never worry about the crowd when we play a show. I've played gigs where we've scared them mostly all away, and I've played gigs where they really get into it from the start.

The better the crowd, the better the show. Last night we got Cheesey at The Ambiance and what I thought would be a decent gig turned out to be amazing.

The Ambiance is Quincy's largest banquet facility. They actually divided the room in half last night, there was a wedding on the other side. We played for a Cursillo dinner, $35 a plate, and the crowd was mostly older folks.

Then again, we are mostly older ....

Burt always puts together the set lists and he has it figured out. We played a lot of older standards and slower songs in the first hour and we hooked them after about the third song. The key is to not have long breaks between songs either ... if you get them slow dancing, launch right into the next one without delay, and we're getting better at it as John Hodge and I really settle in.

Loved the energy, loved the crowd, and Brian Stump (our roadie) did a great job with the PA.

Of course this morning the crud has set in and I feel about 120 years old, but that's rock and roll, its in the moment and it's all good.

Thanks to the folks at the Ambiance and the Cursillo crowd, they were great!

Guaranteed to have a party crowd next Saturday when we return to the Blind Pig in Quincy.

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