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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trading Rock and Roll

Played a wild show Saturday night at the Adams Trading Post. This is the third time we've played Adams in the past half year and it's gotten better every time.

Adams is literally in the middle of nowhere. Adams is a town of, well, maybe 3 people. Maybe. The bar is a classic roadhouse layout with a big deep stage. These people know how to party, believe me.

Last night it took a while for them to get going but once they got hooked, it was over. Birthday parties always help, and we had a classic Cheeseburger moment when a gal who wasn't feeling much pain decided she wanted to sing with us, and decided she wasn't going to leave the stage.

Now we get ready for a huge Saturday. We are playing in the afternoon at the Rally For McNally, a huge benefit for the late Steve McNally and his family. Then Saturday night it's the annual Mardi Gras bash at the South Side Boat Club, more wall to wall fun.

Get there early.

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