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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Farewell Brad Delp

Brad Delp died yesterday. The 55-year-old singer for Boston was alone at home when he passed away.

You need two things for a great rock and roll song. One, of course, is the song itself. Two, you need a voice. This is why The Funions are happily mired in small town rock and roll mire. If we ever get a singer ....

Boston is often criticized for its arena rock album oriented songs. But the first album is one of the best ever made and still sounds great more than 30 years later. Tom Scholz revolutionized guitar rock and maybe he is right to be so methodical about putting out his music.

Brad Delp made the songs sing. To Be A Man from Third Stage is haunting and Holly Ann sends chills up your spine. On the last album, Corporate America, Fran Cosmo and Kimberley Dahme did more singing, and Delp didn't have quite the range when they toured the next year. Dr. Brei and I saw them in Springfield and the band was in fine form. Delp looked like he was having a blast as always. He even joked about not being able to hit the high notes and wisely let the younger singers do much of the higher end vocals.

From what I read he was also one of the nicest guys in rock and roll (, He did a lot of charity work and was tinkering with various projects.

Scholz apparently is always making Boston music. I wonder what's out there with Delp on vocals, but knowing Scholz, it might never get out. And this may spell the end for Boston, which wouldn't be the same without Delp — Foreigner and Journey are good examples.

Farewell, Brad Delp. I loved your voice and your music. My iPod is full of Boston songs, and I'll keep listening.


Anonymous said...

I agree, it was very sad day when Brad Delp died, never got to see Boston, envy you for getting to see them in Springfield!

BTW, do you have VH 1 classic? If you do, you may have seen the pathetic Van Halen R & R HOF induction! It was pathetic, to be honest! Eddie (in rehab), Dave, and Alex didn't show up! Velvet Revolver did a horrible rendition of "Ain't Talkin About Love" (Scott Wieand was tuely terrible). Paul Schaffer's band tried to save the day with Sammy and MA joining in on "Wahy Can't this be Love". But, as it was aired live, you could clearly hear hecklers loudly thoughout a good portion of the Van Halen induction yelling "Sammy, get off the stage, this ain't the real Van Halen, etc, etc" which will be edited out for the VH 1 show. But all in all very sad , VH fans deserved better, Dave and Alex should have showed.

Rest in Peace Brad Delp!

Anonymous said...

it's sad the guy is dead ....

But only a FICHIGAN fan would have "Boston" on Itunes


Try Drop Kick Murphy's for better "Boston Sound "

look up TESSIE

rodney hart said...

Van Halen fans are often divided between Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth. They both brought different things to the band. But no Eddie and no Alex? Forget it. Glad I didn't see it.

Why shouldn't I have Boston on my iPod shuffle? I guess us Michigan fans have taste in music, sorry about that. Drop Kick Murphy's? I think that's a bar in East Grand Rapids.

muck fichigan said...

Just a reminder :

having BOSTON on i-tunes is Elton John GHEY


Rancid for pres

Anonymous said...

Damn, they just announced Delp committed suicide, that is sad, terrible.