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Monday, March 19, 2007

Playing For Republicans

Jack, Alan and I played for an Adams County Republican gathering tonight at the Senior Center. Alan sings and plays trombone, Jack wails on his sax and I stay out of the way on guitar. We play our elavator muzak and sometimes I have to laugh, but people seem to like it and it's perfect background noise at a gathering.

For us, it's just a gig. If the Dems call us, we'll play for them, too.

It was nice to see Bob and Anne Mays get honored, they are really good people.

The bank robbery in Payson has the people up there in a stir. Don't know much about it yet, but we'll dig up more info in the morning for tomorrow's paper.


pravoslavniye said...

You sounded good, even for "elevator music". :)

Heck, I was singing along on "Take Me Home Country Roads". Of course I was heading back to the station so I couldn't hang around and give you grief.

rodney hart said...

You radio guys .....

Anonymous said...

You were part of a Splendid Successful evening and we all enjoyed you. Topping it off with AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL-with Alan leading brought on the applause. Honest Abe on the Sax was ‘far beyond’ elevator muzak! You Rock!