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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Great Show

In the immortal words of the late Peter Boyle, while portraying Frank Barone .... "HOLY CRAP!"

What a great time at America's Best Value Inn. Slick Woody was awesome and played more than an hour later than advertised. We had fun, we need to get tighter as a band but that will come with practice. The hotel did booming bar business, both bands got paid and everybody, and I do mean everybody, had a good time.

I won't be able to walk tomorrow.

I promise the rest of the band will learn 8675309. "Junie Junie, who can I turn to?"

Thanks Jamie for bringing your girls. Thanks courthouse crew, you guys rock!

And here's the best part of the night.

I met Rocky Cola and his wife.

I quit. There's nothing else even remotely comparable.

Next Funions Shows: April 7, North Side Boat Club, opening for Recoil and Slink Rand

April 21, America's Best Value Inn, benefit show TBA

Saturday, May 19, Washington Theater!


Anonymous said...

just to let you know that it is always a treat to read your blog. please keep it coming...

World of Warcraft: Make Gold Fast

Rocky Cola said...

Who needs the Friggin Police when you can have the Funions!!!

We got there late, was there any Police played ?

Had a great time and did not expect to know anyone. Knew many people and it was a blast. Also went down to BackWaters and caught a little "Well Hungarians" late night..Big night on the town.
Nice job@

rodney hart said...

Not yet. But this version might go for it. My goal is for the band to learn "Drive" and if we get ambitious maybe even "Message In A Bottle." Who knows? Might be ready when we play Colapolooza.

Anonymous said...

beware Rodney ,

Senor Bad@ss is thinking bout the "RETURN of MONK SHOP"

They do some insane covers of punk , rock , neil diamond, and TLC -yes TLC the girl hip hop group.

Fear the Monk shop

Do not taunt the monk shop with "Freebird play freebird"

and do not make direct eye contact with the monk shop

Glad you had a good GIG night

Michigan still SUCKS

Roll Tide Roll

rodney hart said...

You can get therapy for being a Tide fan. It's expensive and involves shock treatment. But people tell me it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it the phisser is making a new drug for Fichigan fans called "Can't beat OSU"


rodney hart said...

Judging by the way you spelled "Phisser" you must be a Buckeye. Or from Iowa.

UMRBlog said...

Which one of them wore the fuzzy, pink vest? He says it's hers but she says she just borrows it from him.

Rocky Cola said...

"Pretty in Pink" UMR
It looks better on me.

Anonymous said...

2 things to 100% get me when on anon from work

dyslexic and a CRAP top= easy targeting


Also Rock may wear punk more than me -- but at 6'5" 250# I can wear pink .........Rock shows ROCKY type A Balls