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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Amazing Guitarist

Every now and then somebody will come along and blow you away.

Check out guitar player Andy McKee on, especially his song Drifting and an amazing cover of Toto's Africa.

And the song Into The Ocean features the most unique guitar I've ever seen.

Check it out!


UMRBlog said...

"most" and "unique" do not go together. Something is either unique (one of a kind) or it isn't. There are no degrees of uniquity.

Still, I appreciate the tip and your enthusiasm.


The Basin

rodney hart said...

Not necessarily, ABC. For instance, Tookie is among the most semi-unique people I've met.

And that, my friend, is accurate .....

UMRBlog said...

I think that means there's another .5 of him out there somewhere.