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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bands I'd Pay To See

1. The Who
2. U2
3. Yes
4. Asia
5. The Police
6. Van Halen
7. Eric Johnson
8. Journey (only with Steve Perry)
9. The Kinks
10. The Cars (even The New Cars)
11. The Collapse
12. Dire Straits
13. Foreigner (only with Lou Graham)
14. Sammy Hagar
15. Huey Lewis & The News
16. Peter Gabriel
17. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
18. Raised On Radio
19. Freddie Tieken & The Rockers
20. Jack Inghram & The Congregational Hart Throbs


TOOKIE said...

. The Who :been there done it Often
2. U2: Red rocks & at the STL & Indy
3. Yes : oh hell no Gaydar on defcon Pink
4. Asia : You got to be kidding me ? 40 yr old virgin soundtrak

5. The Police : Did it ! Call rock or find my Missing 2 disks at wgem news room . Sports guy in hot water.

6. Van Halen : Not now no way
7. Eric Johnson : maybe
8. Journey (only with Steve Perry): Gay dar on code pink with a manginia
9. The Kinks : yes
10. The Cars (even The New Cars): Hell No are you smoking the cheeb ?
11. The Collapse : haven't heard em yet but your Fielder tip was good
12. Dire Straits : Yes
13. Foreigner (only with Lou Graham): cough queer cough
14. Sammy Hagar : damn skippy
15. Huey Lewis & The News : yes but I would have to be crunked
16. Peter Gabriel : Feed the kids in darfor with him this is a NO
17. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: a Stone Cold "Hell Yea"
18. Raised On Radio : no idea
19. Freddie Tieken & The Rockers :
20. Jack Inghram & The Congregational Hart Throbs

19&20 are local so I can't comment

Anonymous said...

Hell Yeah for the Collapse!

rodney hart said...

Tookie, you'd like the Collapse, high school kids with a bit of Emo edge but great songs and arrangements.

Michael Van Houten said...

Peter Gabriel...YES! I've seen him twice and he was spectacular both times.

I think you need to add Crowded House to your list...then again I say that having just seen them two nights in a row! You should check them out if they come down your way. I think they're in Chicago this weekend.

Great to hang with you last week.

rodney hart said...

Thanks Michael, you are making me think of a beach and laughing little cousins!

I'd put Crowded House on the list .... Did they play any Split Enz songs? HUGE early 80s high school favorite band!

rodney hart said...

Oops also forgot to mention Secret World Live by Peter Gabriel might be the best live CD ever made .... and the video is spectacular too.

Anonymous said...

Gaydar went to defcon Rainbow over Crowded House !

rodney hart said...

Face it, Tookie. When it comes to the closet, you are the king of not cleaning it out, staying in it, and hating yourself for it.

TOOKIE said...


Bas**** !

another damn point to Rodney

Anonymous said...

You forgot AC DC.... Ken.

Rocky Cola said...

michael stanley band

Anonymous said...

It's along way to the top if you want to rock and roll....


Anonymous said...

oh, and the Tragically Hip. K