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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Drew's Off To School

Best wishes to young Drew White, off to school in the Chicago area (Elmhurst, I believe).

Drew heads north Tuesday armed with my old guitar, a good head on his shoulders, massive love and support from his dad and brother, and best wishes from Trinity UCC and friends.

I didn't go away to college until my third year out of high school and it was a huge mistake to wait that long. Some young people are fine staying home and going to school .... look at how well John Wood Community College does, and it makes a lot of financial success.

But others are ready. And others are ready to send them on their way. Right Tim??!!

Andrew, I remember your proud mother rocking her new baby boy in the church pew at Second Congregational in Grand Rapids, and now I'm wondering where the heck all this time has gone.

Quincy is home and always will be, but these are the greatest times you will ever have, Drew. Close your eyes and bottle this up right now, cause you won't leave home for the first time again.

Good luck, my friend.

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Drew said...

Thanks for the Well Wishes Rodney. I am Currently sitting in a Caribou Coffee in elmhurst stealing WiFi because it's the only building in town that still has power AND internet. They canceled like half of our Orientation stuff so We've been going into the City and stuff like that. Hope all is well there.