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Sunday, July 06, 2008

80s Pool

Massive fun at Rocky Pool Ooza Saturday night. Keith and I looked at my watch and said, "It's after midnight?" Loved the 80s theme and we even played a few of the songs Rocky burned on a CD and gave out.

This was a total social gathering and we were the background music, and that's OK. It's just good to play. A new Dobro got a workout and we didn't scare anybody away. Even had some nice backup vocals too! Very, very, very nice backup vocals .....

Tookie and bride used their heads so I give them credit for making smart choices. Thank you Brown Eyed Girl for taking care of them!

Yesterday afternoon I found myself with nothing to do for the first time in .... in .... I don't even remember. So I woke up to take three naps, watched golf on TV and just generally enjoyed being a slug. This is the last weekend until September that will happen.

So ... keep being safe!


Rocky Cola said...

Just rolled out of bed....Party in the backyard....No kids for a week...Can stay up late, watch whatever and do whatever...Is this how rockstars live?

Actually, I was expecting a "Almost Famous" moment with Rodney jumping off the roof of the house into the pool!

You guys and your roadies were awesome! Well Played.

TOOKIE said...

Don't ya think most people should use their brains ?

DWI's aren't for me . Why endanger myself or others ? Leave the car and get it later

RH said...

Rocky - our honor and pleasure! Next time I'll jump off the roof into the pool.

Tookie - wish more people would take your advice.

TOOKIE said...

I have not heard Adam Ant since the 80's hahahahaha

"Jose's on a vacation far away"

I am rollin

and cursing DRAFT BEER ........ worst headache EVER

browneyedgirl said...

GREAT fun at Rocky Poolooza!! And I was glad to help out Tookie and his lovely wife.... what GREAT people!!!!