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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dream Court Love

An interesting couple of days in Springfield working for Gus. We got hammered with a storm Saturday about 3:30 and halted play. The tournament organizers were worried but we weren't, not the first time Mother Nature has interfered, and we managed to get caught up today, games were done by 6:15 and we were on the road by 7.

Dream Court was a blast as usual. We had the Special Olympics guys and gals Saturday morning with Troy Boyer running the show and my favorite Gus Buster of all time, former professional wrestler Dave Conrad.

Today we brought a girls court over and finished up their bracket, then did the same for a boys bracket. It's amazing how well the parents behave when you stay positive and have Busters who blow the whistle. The Enforcer and The Duece did a great job, as did my scorekeeper extraordinaire, Panic.

Not to blow my own horn, but for Springfield Journal-Register coverage, click here and here.


SheyFey said...

You make Dream Court the best damn thing at Macker!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Springfield's Macker now bigger than Quincy's?

RH said...

Nope. Springfield has about 250 teams, Quincy 650 or so.