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Thursday, September 24, 2009

St. Charles Coffee Shops

Drinking coffee and playing on the Internet, waiting for the third day of the David Ater murder trial in St. Charles to start. 

Love this coffee shop, called Picassos. Strange people, great music from a satellite radio station, and chest hair-inducing coffee.

I like Washington Perk next to The Whig, but usually it's just a trip over there to grab the coffee and straight back to the office.

In the corner is a woman (wearing the same clothes as yesterday) and man, older, talking about life moving slowly. In the other corner are two students working on a project. One of them just jumped up and said "I GOT IT" and there was great rejoicing.

Next to me is a young professional, salesman probably, pounding a laptop computer keyboard. Maybe he's in the financial business because he keeps dropping his head.

Another guy just showed up and he's, GASP, reading a newspaper. A newspaper? What are those? He's a younger guy, too. Doesn't he know he is supposed to be hooked up and online to read newspapers?

Oh yeah. Newspapers .....


SheyFey said...

You are gonna have chest hair now??? Can't wait!

TMO said...

St. Charles Coffee Shops, and St. Charles Juries..... Sounds like they both have it going on!