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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Grooving at the Grove

Still scrambling to catch up after ANOTHER amazing Q-town weekend ....

— The trivia contest was once again a blast at St. Peter. My only complaint is it took too long. By 11 p.m. too many people had too much beer, and you know it's bad when they play the song, everybody sings along, and the answers are given away. But .... the questions were good, the PA was easy to hear and the Team Mrs. Rock A. Bye rolled to a fourth place finish. To the guy who came up and complained about something to the head table about halfway through — drink your beer and chill, bro! It's all fun and games until somebody puts their eye out. You'll live.

— Massive fun at the BT benefit Sunday at The Grove. Brought back a lot of memories of The Funions opening for 72 about a hundred years ago on the back patio. It was our first show in several months and we played pretty well, it was great having TMO on harp and keyboards. We picked up a huge gig at the Grove at the end of October. Get ready to do the Monster Mash on East Broadway!

— The 6-2 frosh is alive and well in Macomb. Have you ever heard an oboe and orchestra play "Point Of Know Return" with a rock band? You will in early December ....

— Getting ready for the annual Hart Family Rebellion this weekend. Gathering in the Denver suburbs this year. It's tough preparing for the first weekend of college football, Uncle David's awesome cooking, maybe even a sporting event or two.

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