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Saturday, August 29, 2009

QHS 16, Alton 7

Nice job by the Blue Devils last night!

Dave Farkas really takes care of us in the press box. An informal poll taken by the scoreboard guys and the geeky PA guy revealed "chicken on a stick" was the No. 1 concession stand item at Flinn Stadium.

Dave does a good job washing dishes, too ....

In regards to the game, it looked a lot like Alton just killed themselves with dumb penalties, and a break here and there helped QHS, but the better team definitely won.

Trying to remember the last time QU, QND and QHS all won season openers in football. Anybody?

Doing the 336 Slide today to see the 6-1 1/2 freshman .... dorm life. Remember that?

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Anonymous said...

Rot-knee, team Lawless wins trivia, with the Copper Miner on the bench, we left him at home, domination again!!