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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Short Beach

This year the Lake Michigan water is very high. Unfortunately it wiped out my camping on my uncle's beach in Hollatuck (between Holland and Saugatuck). Eleven days earlier when I visited, there were only a few feet of beach.

Compare the above video shot Thursday to the one from Aug. 13, 2008. Same beach, much less sand. 

So it was off to Hoffmaster State Park near Grand Haven for a few days. We also stayed one night at Ludington State Park and it was beautiful. 

The good things about public campgrounds are the bathrooms and showers nearby and electricity. The bad things are the distances to the beaches and all the people. But .... there is something soothing about listening to a baseball game on the radio in front of a campfire, and it is nice and quiet at night.

On Thursday we spent a picture perfect day in Hollatuck. One day isn't enough, but it sufficed.

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Anonymous said...

Goonies ROCK! you dudes made the most of the sand. Someday it will come back and SheyFey will actually get some good footage! What fun!