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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Practice Smells

So The Funions rocked it out pretty hard at Club Vegas last night. TMO is in the band as a keyboard and harmonica player! And backup drummer. And singer! Buh buh buh bad to the bone ....

At the end of practice, somebody cut the cheese hard. I would like to remind my fellow Funions that taking responsibility for your actions will go a long way to promoting peace and harmony in the band. 

Therefore, there will be no more eating of beans before practice by any said members of The Funions.


SheyFey said...

Especially not by YOU! stinky!

Jack said...

Wasn't me!!! Pat said the tall guy across the room did it.

RH said...

Remember — point a finger, and three point back at you!

TMO said...

I'm casting my vote for slim... There's a reason he made a quiet yet quick exit just before the aroma hit!!!! I wouldn't want to wallow in my own filth either! BUSTED!!

KNP said...

Just so you know, we have at least one person every Thursday night at game night (my apartment) who does this.

This is why there's ALWAYS a fan running in the room.

So you're not alone.