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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oompha Chicken Dance

So Saturday night we started at the Elks with an outdoor party featuring Hearsay and Raised On Radio. It was great hearing Kathy Brink singing again with Hearsay, and it was a good turnout considering how much stuff yet again was going on in Quincy.

Then we headed to South Park to hear the Heidelberg German Band at Germanfest, and yet again I was a big Chicken. Jeff Schuecking and his guys weren't about to let me get away without doing the infamous Chicken Dance. I think I have it down now. Maybe.

The Heidelberg German band is celebrating 40 years of making merry music. The think I love about them is that they are having such a good time. By the end of the night nobody is too worried about missing a note or two, if you know what I mean. 

Anyway, seeing the Funions sax player rocking away on a picnic table in South Park was worth the price of admission, which was nothing — Germanfest is one of many free Quincy traditions.

Hope Jack, Jeff and the boys can clear the cobwebs enough to make the trip over to Springfield today to play at the Illinois State Fair!

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Anonymous said...

Clear as a bell!!! And a great time was had by all!!