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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Funions To Open For U2 This Summer. Really. Honest.

After considerable negotiations and angst, The Funions have decided to accept the offer of opening for U2 this summer during the Irish band's HUGE summer tour in the U.S.

"Bono said it was OK to bring the dogs. He's a huge border collie fan anyway so it's all working out," Shey Fey said. "And, uh, The Edge is SEXY."

"I think it's great because this will be the first time me and my keyboard won't be hidden behind a big stack of guitar amps," Mighty One said.

"I'll play because my daughter is taking over the family law practice and it's about dang time," sax player Jack Inghram said.

"This means Warren will be in charge of Vegas Music for the summer," drummer Pat Cornwall said. "Oh BLEEP."

"I'll play, but only if U2 will let us jam before and after the show," Rock A. Bye said. "I can show The Edge a thing or two on slide guitar."

I am declining to comment since the two lawyers in the band have advised me against making any statements that may torpedo our big chance.

Thank you ....


TMO said...

I like the stacks..... It hides the beer can pyramid!!!!

DJ said...

...and this is happening on June 31?