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Friday, April 16, 2010

Some Stuff Still The Same ....

So I'm in Mount Pleasant working for Gus and it's going to be reaaallllyyy cold tomorrow, but we'll survive.

I loved my college years here at Central and miss this place a lot. I drove into town this morning and couldn't believe how much stuff was on the west end of M-20 coming in.

My old house on Belknap is still there. Walked around campus and noticed the library that looks like a toaster was gone, replaced by a huger version. All kinds of new buildings. Geesh!

But Anspach Hall is still here, and Moore Hall looks really good with the CM Life newspaper offices.

We are doing the tournament in front of Finch Fieldhouse, where I played intramurals. I just figured out I started at Central TWENTY FIVE FREAKING YEARS AGO this fall. God, do I feel old.

Went back to Freddy's for dinner, met my old soccer buddy Kenny Mac for a brew at The Bird, which is twice as big and still a great bar. We used to go there for the free peanuts and cheap beverages, and guess what? It hasn't changed.

I think coming back keeps you young.


Anonymous said...

So, is a building there named after you yet?

DJ said...

That would be Hart House in Toronto: