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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bret Who?

Look. I am not a big Bret Michaels fan. I never really liked Poison. I accidently watched half of a Rock of Love reality show and almost threw up.

Michaels is in Quincy tonight and tomorrow for shows at Backwaters. Good for him and good for Quincy. If you are a fan, go and enjoy, let me know how it went.

I'm seeing some people getting giddy about it, like the president himself is here, and I'd like to say something but if it blows up their bubble, well, I ain't gonna burst it.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you are talking about the WGEM crew, they get giddy over everything.

Rocky Cola said...

Well, as you know, I like music, so I am a fan of seeing this and I also know how important it was to the promoters and owners of Backwaters who most of us know. In addition, last night downtown was packed, and that had to help surrounding business owners (Kutters, Tiramisu, Matinis, Jorges). In addition to the hotel room revenue the city is to recieve for a school night wednesday.
I think what you might want to add is that there really are good local talent that plays all the time and the people who go to BM should support them as well if they like live music. And I agree.
So now you don't have to say it and everyone can not have the bubble burst!

P.S. Net revenue to Quincy was probably bigger with BM then BO because the city and county had no massive security costs with BM and did not have to rent out the Oakley Lindsay at no cost. In the end Brett Micheals was a bigger benefit to Quincy than our President! Of course, I might be slightly biased

RH said...

I doubt too many people stayed overnight, but I will agree downtown benefited, and I'm all for that. I like Sondi and Backwaters is a fun place to play.

I'm glad it went well. And if somebody came to town I was really excited to see, well, of course I'd be jumping up and down and daring anybody to burst my bubble!

Glad you had a good time Rocky.

Rocky Cola said...

Quincy Fire, Quincy City Desk and Funnions all agree on one issue.

Just say no to Bret Michaels.

At least you cats can finally all get along!

RH said...

rocky - what are Quincy Fire and Quincy City Desk? My computer is broke and I don't go online anymore .... pffffffffttttttt