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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Night Is Hot And Black As Ink

Going outside is like walking through soup. I hate this typical Quincy summer weather, 120 in the shade, 99 percent humidity ... you just never really get used to it. Worked on the lawn the last two nights and probably lost 20 pounds.

Trying to think of songs to cool off and came up with this classic Who tune from Quadrophenia ...

This is from their December 1982 show in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens, the final show on their supposed Farewell Tour. Right. I do remember being in my room on Rosewood, a high school loser in his senior year, I think there was a dance or something at school but I stayed home and taped this show since it was broadcast live on WLAV.

The band is tired and burned out from many nights on the road but Daltrey gives it his best. Love, love, LOVE this song, Quadrophenia is one of the great underrated albums of all time.

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