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Monday, April 30, 2007

For Frankie

The Funions played one of their best shows ever Sunday at the Frank Calkins benefit.

Let's face it - a benefit is a social event, and most people come to hang out, visit with friends, sneak a peak at the auction items and drink a soda. The band is usually just background noise, and we are used to that.

But something happened upstairs inside the Starlight Casino (which was smoke-free, thank you very much). People started listening. There was a presentation for Frank right before we played our last song, "Stay Strong," which we wrote for Frank, and the place was jumping.

It is an awesome feeling, playing music when people get it. All the credit goes to Frank.

What a great weekend! The comedy show Friday, the walk/run and golf event Saturday, and Sunday. All good. All GREAT. All because of Frank.

Now comes the hard part. We watch our friend suffer the ravishes of ALS and all we can do is pray a little harder. Truth is, Frank is in a fight for his life, and only his attitude will see him through.

Stay Strong, Frank. Stay Strong.


Anonymous said...

I had to leave post "867-5309" but you were rocking ! I had a fear that a Boston cover may be played and my head would explode.

What a great benefit weekend.

Proves that we Americans still can do the right thing.

How much did "Bobby's" new hair cut go for ?

Thumbs up to the Adams County folks !

rodney hart said...

Robert had his hair "styled" for around $400. That's also how much The Funions got when auctioned off, and now we have a wedding reception gig next summer!

Rocky Cola said...

The event left me thinking, whoa, who would show up for me ??

What a crowd, shows what kind of person Frank is to everyone.

Anonymous said...

I would get Senor and the members of BA Int'l

Then ....the sound of crickets !

At my funeral there would be more in line to deface my grave than upset. But once you come to terms with that --Life is still grand.

And the Funoins impressed me !

p.s. : Rodney Johnny B got me a way around that 401 c chairity thingy --but thanks for the prompt replies.