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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Third Ward Race

Today is one of many reasons for loving Q-Town ... cool, breezy, sunny .... the perfect spring day.

I will probably wreck it somewhat by watching the Cardinals tonight, but I will keep my perfect streak of 15 years without watching an entire MLB game.

Interesting story in today's Whig about the Third Ward race between Paul Havermale and John Douglas. I don't live in the ward and have no party allegiances, but it's the only city race on the April ballot so there is a lot of interest.

I think Paul has done an excellent job as alderman. In today's story he came off as bright and interested in doing the best job he can. He didn't let losing his first bid for alderman discourage him from running again and he perservered, proof good things will happen if you stick to it.

John Douglas is another good guy who has the right ideas for running. I run into John a lot doing the crime and courts thing and he is always helpful and good for a quote, and he has a self-depreciating style that always makes me laugh.

This is not an endorsement for either candidate. I'm just glad both parties have good candidates.

The best thing about today's story is that neither candidate threw any mud and they stuck to the issues, refreshing to see.

Good luck to both guys!

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Anonymous said...

That artile was far better than the Lil Red Book Mao esq that ed has been penning . Ed could not have been worse on City desk . Ed is highly informed about the truth but typical Whig , will not voice the hard questions .

p.s. : I was in a cave during that Ramsey murder -- I was on site in Incest , In building two plants.

Thanks for post that then berating me , because I then did back ground and wanted to say you did a GREAT job on that story.