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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Walking Into Sanity

It's been an unbelievably long couple of days.

This afternoon I restored some sanity by walking through Woodland Cemetery. This might be the most gorgeous spot in Quincy, were it not for the aluminum sided business marring the Gardner Expressway when you look across the bluff and toward the river.

The rolling terrain is how Quincy used to be before we flattened and planned everything out .... gotta have that social order, you know. The place is also a veritable outdoor museum, with a Civil War memorial, John Wood (founder of Quincy) grave and the resting places for many prominent Quincy citizens.

I like to sit on the Roy Brocksmith bench and think about life. My old friend Jo Ann Bier is buried near the west end in a beautiful spot, as well.

The old graves, the vaults, the dirt roads winding back, the view .... it's a beautiful place.


Anonymous said...

Just look out for the white lab , she's liable to kiss you to near death ! It is a great spot and the care taker and board are making it better.

You saw my old friend too

Anonymous said...

I miss that gal, too.
She was a wonderful woman.

Danielle said...

I think of her everyday and I am lucky to be her granddaughter. She is planted in a great spot!! That is a great cemetery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dani ,

I used to have such a hoot with you guys during Indian Food and Croquet !