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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Frank Calkins got a dose of medicine no doctor can give, and the drug had only one side affect — laughter.

Last night at Backwaters, Paul Gilmartin had an overflow crowd howling as he mused about life, love, not love, more not love and life. In general.

I often tell people my job is interesting because "you can't make it up." That's what makes Paul's job as a comedian relevant, too. He can skewer and poke fun but the fact is, he's talking about life as we know it. And if you can't laugh at how absurd we are, then get your pulse checked.

Last Saturday somebody said God is in Gil Feld's fan club. Same holds true for Frank. After a dismal rainy week, Friday broke clear, cool and sunny. They have great weather today for the walk/run and golf tournament in Camp Point.

God is smiling down at you, Frank.

Mayor John Spring gave Frank the key to the city last night and proclaimed Sunday as Frank Calkins Day in Quincy. Frank can't stand on his own anymore, but we stood for him four different times in standing ovations.

Frank is good a putting smiles on people's faces. This weekend is our turn to return the favor, as Jon Barnard put it last night.

We'll see you tomorrow at the Casino!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jonny B was rocking as the MC !

I laughed so damn hard at Paul !

Also how cool is it that "Bob & Tom" are promoting all of this weekend ! I had friends call me from all over.

Laughter is great for all that ills.