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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hearing Yourself

Went to The Dock last night to hear Slick Woody, one of Quincy's better classic rock bands.

The singer, Todd Hessling, showed off some new inner ear monitors and said they were awesome. Hearing yourself on stage when you play is a huge issue for bands and to be honest, there have been very few nights playing with The Funions where I've been able to clearly hear what we sound like from our view.

Most bands rely on a PA with monitors, speakers in the front pointing toward the band. With inner ear monitors, each band member can adjust the mix to hear what they want. Kevin Vandament of The Classics swears by them and if you watch any big time band, look carefully at their ears, they look like hearing aids. Actually, that's what they are!

Slick Woody had some sound issues. It resulted in them naming a new song, "I Can't Hear &^%$#," which I thought was pretty good! They just bought the inner ear monitors and were working out the bugs.

The mark of a good band, however, is to overcome sound issues and still play well, and that's exactly what the guys did Saturday.

I'm hoping to get The Funions booked into The Dock this summer, their outdoor stage is one of the better venues in Quincy.


TOOKIE said...

I always wondered about that . Have you tested one yet ?

RH said...

Not yet. Would love too, but it wouldn't be cheap to get them for the whole band.

Anonymous said...

These amps go to 11.

RH said...

It's true. One louder. If someone would tell me what the hours are at the hat shop, I might apply.