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Sunday, March 15, 2009

View From The Ice

Went to the Wings-Blues game Saturday and was in awe most of the time.

Sitting five rows behind the bench of YOUR defending Stanley Cup champions will do it to you.

Shey Fey got the tickets. Holy crap! I've been to a lot of hockey games but never this close. TV just can't do justice to the game .... the speed, skill, precision, how big the players are, how they absolutely smack into each other.

It's a lot fun seeing the jawing and behind the play stuff.

Unfortunately St. Louis had it's big St. Patrick's parade right in front of Scott Trade Center, so getting to Union Station was impossible. There's a reason you leave early for St. Louis events.
Eventually we ended up near 18th Street and parked in the Glas Haus lot, then walked the half mile to the arena. Beautiful day, nice walk, plenty of time to see the warmups, etc.

No live hockey experience is complete without DSG. You know, Drunk Stupid Guys. They are usually about 25 years old, always have a $9 beer in their hands, and they bellow the whole game. They never really swear or completely go over the line, but they make fun of the Red Wings fans, goading them with stupid comments. Then they get even more mad when all you do it point to the scoreboard or just smile and ignore them. Finally, at the end of the game, the usher came up and told them to shut up.

Part of the deal, I guess. Bet it will take a bottle of Asprin to make those morons feel better this morning.

Anyway, great game (for Wings fans), nice walk back, nice German dinner, no traffic on the way home.

If you ever get a chance to see an NHL game from a good seat, don't pass it up!

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chart said...

I'd love to get you to an Avs/Wings game... those can be fun for a Wings fan, too.